Monday, 2 March 2015

Read/Wear/Listen/Want ¦ February

It's that time again! February was a busy month as expected - a whirlwind of my first exam, pancakes and dissertation research; all fuelled by hefty amounts of Valentine's chocolate.

I'll be quite honest - I have no idea what's going to happen blog-wise for the month ahead with my dissertation is due April 2nd, and numerous assignments due the preceding weeks! I do have numerous posts planned - it's just a case of whether I'll find the time to take photographs and write them up. So if things go a bit quiet - that's why.

Friday, 27 February 2015

outfit: leather & stripes

Work Outfit: Ted Baker Nevia belted wrap coat in deep pink, Leather pencil skirt, Monochrome Striped V Neck Jumper
'Nevia' belted wrap coat in 'Deep Pink' - Ted Baker
monochrome striped v neck jumper - Primark
leather pencil skirt - Bar III at Macy's

Sunday, 22 February 2015

beauty: NARS lip pencils in Palais Royal & Bahama

fabuleuse, toujours ¦ NARS Cosmetics Lip Pencils in Palais Royal and Bahama
My mum was generous enough to pick up these beauties on her recent trip to America, and I absolutely couldn't wait to try them out - especially after reading so much about NARS and having yet to actually try anything from them! Based on these products, I have mixed feelings so far, but they're generally positive... 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

5 Ways To Find New Blogs To Read (and attract new blog readers for your own blog too!)

Blogger Tips, 5 Ways To Find New Blogs To Read, How To Find New Blogs To Read

Why find new blogs to read?
If you're a blogger, chances are it was reading other blogs that inspired you to make the leap and start one of your own in the first place. However, sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own blogs that we forget about all the other blogs out there with fresh, exciting content just waiting to be read. 

Sure, we have our go-to blogs that we regularly check up on, but taking the time out to discover and engage with new blogs is a key part of blogging that shouldn't be overlooked. Whilst a basic Google search can direct you to specific reviews, or ideas on how to style that skirt you've had in your wardrobe for months; these 5 easy suggestions will bring your attention to blogs just waiting to be added to your Bloglovin' feed. 

Can I promote my own blog in the same ways?
As I'm sure you've guessed by the title - yes, of course! It's fairly self-explanatory how these methods can be used to share your own blog with new readers - just observe how others are doing it and follow their lead. Read on after the jump and all will become clear...

Thursday, 12 February 2015

outfit: red & blue

cobalt 'bobbly' jumper - H&M
belt - mum's old
red dress (worn top as skirt) - H&M
hat - vintage via depot vente
boots - TK Maxx