Saturday, 25 April 2015

Outfit: Experiemental

Minimal, sportswear street style
gold metallic duster coat - charity shop 
white baseball tee with mesh detail - shop in Poland (similar here
black skinny jeans - H&M 
hat - vintage via depot vente (second hand shop) 
hi-top trainers with gold hardware - Cropp (available here)

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

5 Places To Go When You're Stuck For Blog Post Inspiration

How to avoid bloggers block, blog post inspiration, avoiding blogger's block, blogging tips, blog tips

We've all been there - you're feeling good about your blog; posting regularly, getting traffic and your follower count is on the rise. But how do you keep it up and make sure you're delivering consistently unique, engaging content? Maybe you're coming to the end of your 'To Post' list, you've reviewed everything in your makeup bag and have no idea where to go next. In this post I'm going to be sharing 5 of my favourite ways to spark ideas when the dreaded 'blogger's block' strikes, hopefully ensuring your list of future posts is always topped up!

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Beauty: Aussie Haircare - Miracle Hair Insurance & Luscious Long Conditioner

Aussie Hair Miracle Hair Insurance Luscious Long Conditioner

I've never really been one to splurge when it comes to hair care. Shampoo, conditioner and a hair oil have done the job for me quite sufficiently - until recently, that is. Over the past 3 years, my hair has grown from shoulder-sweeping bob to belly-button tickling mane (view the transformation for yourself here). Not only that, but it's quite substantially thick and heavy - to the point where my arms ache just to tie it into a ponytail. Because of this, I'm quite wary of using products on my hair as they tend to weigh it down, leaving it flat and lifeless.

Of course I'd heard a lot about Aussie. I know many swear by their products, to the point where it's gained status as somewhat of a holy grail brand. However I'd always found their products too expensive, so when Sainsbury's had a special offer on the Aussie range, I knew my chance had come. I went for the Miracle Hair Insurance & the Luscious Long Conditioner. Here are my thoughts...

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Outfit: Retro Glam

Spring outfit idea, pastel pink shirt, Primark shirt, leopard print sequin skirt
pale pink chiffon shirt - Primark
leopard print sequin miniskirt - Primark
metallic silver strap wedges - Topshop
heart-shaped sunglasses - Primark

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Pinspiration: 12 Style Combinations To Try For Spring/Summer

Spring Style Inspiration, 12 Style Combinations from Pinterest to try for Spring/Summer.
I may or may not have become ever-so-majorly utterly transfixed with Pinterest these past few months. There's just something so infinitely satisfying about obsessively compartmentalising pretty pictures into self-curated categories. I always have the best intentions of revisiting them next time I'm looking for a recipe or want to try styling my hair differently, however they always just seem to remain pinned to my boards - dusty, derelict and forgotten. 

I guess this post is almost an attempt to remind myself of all the genius outfits I've encountered on my Pinterest explorations, and to hopefully inspire you too! Especially as I always find dressing for spring somewhat of a challenge, hopefully these outfits will encourage you to experiment with something new this season.